Emergent Dynamics, Control and Analytics Labs


Emergence of trust networks in human-agent teams

We are inviting prospective PhD students to apply for 5-6 open PhD positions to work on an Army Research Lab-sponsored project to study how trust networks emerge in resource-constrained teams comprising of multiple humans and agents. Qualified MS candidates may be considered as well.

The research team is looking for prospective PhD students from diverse areas of expertise to create this multi-disciplinary team. Specifically, the team will require individuals with interest and expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, sociology, neuroscience, trust formation, network science, game theory, and collective behavior, to work together to accomplish the research objectives. Applicants with some background in one or more of these areas will be viewed favorably. All researchers will need to collaborate with team members outside their immediate 'discipline', so some degree of comfort with diving into and learning new fields of study will be expected of applicants. Additionally, while not required, familiarity with one or more of the following topics will be viewed as a plus: graph theoretic network analysis, dynamic modeling of collective behavior, Bayesian modeling, implementing reinforcement learning algorithms, EEG instrumentation, game generation in Unreal or Unity, experience writing software or modifying hardware for robotic platforms.

To apply, please send your recent resume or CV to exalabs.research.applications@gmail.com. Before submitting your resume/CV, please include all areas that you are applying for in the resume header - choose one or more from following list: robotics, artificial intelligence, sociology, neuroscience, trust formation, network science, game theory, or collective behavior.

Topological analysis of influential subspaces of dynamic systems

We are looking for an MS student with a strong mathematical background to help identify influential subspaces of dynamical systems through topological analysis, with applications to robotic swarms and traffic flow. Prior knowledge of differential geometry will be useful. Please send your resume/CV to exalabs.research.applications@gmail.com and include the term "influential subspace" in the resume header.